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mah beefdayyy!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-02-16 22:09:04 by yourface234

toddaayyss my birthhday everbody!!!!!! CHARISH MEEE.


hollywood undead...

2010-10-24 15:17:34 by yourface234

is one of mah favorite bands :3

good live chatting place?

2010-09-14 00:03:24 by yourface234

its really fun so far but its like i dont want an account on it so like just ones that u can come into, any suggestions? cuse like im sooo fucking bored right now

hot steamy shower boys!

2010-08-02 11:37:42 by yourface234

dont forget to get soapy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MYSPACE AND FACEBOOK AND UNICORNS O MY!!!!!!!!!!!

mine has been crap. anyone wanna make me jealous? tell me bout urs, maybe ill care :)

i hate horse dogs

2010-07-15 02:32:11 by yourface234

there to big. thats wat she said but she needs to shutup. in cali, bored outta my mind. talk to me NOW SLAVES.


2010-06-13 11:55:40 by yourface234

whats that movie called? it has some load voice guy talking to mythacial gods like one episode is him talking to posidon for some waves and offers him tuna salad and posidon gets pissed and throws somthing at him and then hes like just kidding. then the next episode is he wants revenge on his co worker so the god of war gives him a weapon and its french vanilla cream but his co worker likes it so hes like DAAMMNNNIT. well please help, its driving me crazy! thanks!

ur a fucking dude

2010-04-28 19:34:48 by yourface234

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hahahaaha to all thhose queers out there, i still love you

3 days grace!

2010-04-27 17:03:39 by yourface234

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ima do weekly or daily music videos now cuse i have nothing better to do! so have any request tell me and ill think about it, just dont make it gay music k?